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What's so great about us?

Key features

Designed to be the most easy-to-use Bitcoin payment processor possible

  • No Registration Required

    No need to worry about getting a merchant application accepted or going through any tedious signup processes. Go ahead and get up and running now!

  • No Branding

    No logos or external pages or branded buttons. Our API returns a simple JSON document for you to handle on your server however you would like.

  • Low Fees

    In order to continue to keep our API online, we take a 1% commission. Other than this small commission and the 0.0005 BTC transaction fee, there are no other costs.

  • Safe and Secure

    Our API and backend systems are secured with HTTPS and high-grade firewalls. Bitcoins are transferred to you ASAP, so there's nothing to worry about!

  • Compatibility

    As we mentioned earlier, this API is fully compatible with existing applications based on Blockchain.info's old Receive Payments API v1.

  • 100% Tested and Error-free

    Our API has protections in place for every possible problem, so you won't have to worry about strange errors or issues when using the API.


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Payments processed


Bitcoins forwarded
Getting started

Using the API

Start getting paid in Bitcoin today with our simple process

Making use of our API is extremely easy! Simply make a GET request to our API endpoint using the create method and receive a deposit address for your customer. Callback requests will be sent to your server to notify your system of new payments.

Configure your deposit system to call the following URL, replacing the value of the address parameter with your destination address and the value of the callback parameter with your server's callback URL:


The customer's deposit address will be contained in the input_address property of the response.

	"fee_percent": 1,
	"destination": "1BRYmnsQnxRdi7e9J1592BChWvzSeuJdx6",
	"input_address": "1LrNBzygeWFBuEsLTW528kXaVZjjhyhLt6",
	"callback_url": "http://example.com/callback?invoice_id=1234"

After a payment is made to the deposit address, we will forward the Bitcoin directly to the destination address you supplied and our server will send a callback GET request to your server that looks like this:


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