The Ultimate Wedding Party Entertainment

The Ultimate Wedding Party Entertainment

We’re often asked why wedding entertainment is required– and the factor is that wedding days can belong. Your visitors will be celebrating with you from the event through to reception beverages and the wedding event breakfast– and after, the evening celebration. This suggests it’s important to come up with the best reception timeline to ensure your visitors have a remarkable time and don’t begin to wilt by the time the speeches start.

Fantastic wedding entertainment is one of the crucial elements to any remarkable wedding event– traditionally, big-day home entertainment consists of either a band or a DJ. Offering entertainment options is ensured to get guests mingling.

Below is a list of different wedding entertainment from

Mirror photo booth

Photo cubicles have become a wedding reception staple in recent years. Guests position in front of the touch-sensitive mirror, utilizing photo booth props to up the enjoyable aspect, with prints available within 30 seconds.

group of people inside room


Function Play

Enjoyed this concept! If you’re from an artistic background (do not need to be, though) and perhaps have some good friends who are talented “actors”, ask them to do a function play for your visitors! It can be a day in the life of the couple or how they satisfied or any story that’s genuinely fun and can be a little overstated! It will make everybody laugh with tears, I assure you! It’s such a fantastic ice breaker during the canap├ęs time, for example.

Celebrity Impersonator

Yes, this is, in fact, a thing. And yes, Michael Jackson is not dead! This was actually the first time we’ve seen an impersonator but it got everyone so fired up and began cheering whilst he was doing the popular dance moves! No one understood this was coming, so definitely a night to remember!


Marital Relationship Mad Libs

Keep things humorous and light with this unique wedding event video game. Develop personalized mad libs at each table for pre-dinner fun. How to play: As guest take their seats, motivate one person at each table to lead the group in the table’s assigned mad lib. The group provides random nouns, adjectives and verbs for a secret story. Invite the leader to read out the table-built story as the grand ending.


Can knock over

This old-fashioned carnival game is easy to Do It Yourself, does not take up lots of space and is very fun for visitors of all ages. Makeover a couple of cans or milk bottles with paint and craft paper, then stack them into a pyramid. Your guests can take turns seeing who can knock over the tower with the fewest number of ball tosses.

Surprise entertainment

Enjoyable wedding concepts must go above and beyond. Surprise your visitors with a magician, a comic, or an interactive virtual reality experience. Yes, this night is about your Gladly Ever After but the night is always better when your guests are smiling.

The Shoe Game

They both trade a shoe so that they’re holding one of each. After each concern, the bride and groom hold up the shoe of the partner they think is the best answer to the question.

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