Condo For Sale in Pattaya

Hello there, I am the live talk arbitrator for a real estate company in Pattaya, Thailand so I get a ton of enquiries, questions online about Pattaya property, organizations and land. One of the most well known inquiries is would i be able to claim an apartment suite in Pattaya in my own name? Amazing how there is an absence of data regarding this matter in these guests home nations, except if they know about the web and skill to look for that data, in all honesty, not every person is a web surfer.
My response to the guest on the live talk is yes you can possess an apartment suite in your own name under these conditions, in all townhouse structures in Thailand 51% of the units must be claimed by Thai Nationals that is the law in Thailand, the staying 49% can be claimed by an outsider, model 100 units in a structure so 51 must be Thai claimed the outsiders can buy the staying 49. This leads on to a significant point, normally in Pattaya the distributed 51% Thai possessed units are never totally sold as it is for the most part outsiders who buy condominiums.
What happens now is, particularly with new ventures, on the off chance that you buy an apartment suite in a Thai name say your Thai spouse or accomplice you buy at a scaled down cost as the designer or proprietor doesn’t need the condominium unfilled, unsold. Presently there is your choice do I buy in my name or my Thai accomplices name and spare possibly 20% of the price tag?


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