What is the best way to enjoy your washing machine the most? Learn more about the subject in these articles!

A washing machine that dances around is not only annoying, but it is also harmful to your machine itself. Make sure that the washing machine is exactly straight, preferably as close to the ground as possible, so that the machine runs more smoothly. This will extend the life of your shock absorbers. Check out de website over wasmachines to know everything.

Keep the filter clean

Huh, filter? Don’t you have any idea what we’re talking about? Then it’s high time to clean the filter. But actually do this every 2 to 3 months. There may be hairs or dust in the filter and these may end up in the drain pump. If you have made it really furry, then the filter or even your whole washing machine can break down because of this blockage. So take a look at the manual of your washing machine where you can find your filter and clean it. And don’t forget to check the pockets of your trousers before you start washing. Screws, coins or other small items won’t make your filter or pump happy at all!

Smart washing machines do it yourself

Many of the smart washing machines that are now on the market have their own setting with which they maintain the washing machine. Very handy! This also applies to the Samsung Quickdrive. This washing machine cleans the drum after every wash. Many smart washing machines also check the amount of detergent you use. This way, you reduce the problem of built-up, residual detergent, because you use the right amount of detergent. And this makes your washing machine last longer. Well, it’s no coincidence that they’re called smart washing machines.

You don’t have a bleach dispenser, but you want extra cleaning power? Add chlorine bleach (as long as it’s safe for your fabrics) to the charge five minutes after the cycle begins (sooner, and it will kill stain-removing enzymes in the cleaner).

  • Only use labelled products in highly efficient machines. Some detergents can generate too much foam, causing damage to these devices.
  • Select the largest load capacity, fill the tank with hot water and a cup of bleach and run a program (on a newer machine simply select the self-cleaning program).

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