What are the most important tips when you want to control costs of your administration?

1. Get insight into your costs

If you keep good records, you know exactly how much money is flowing in and out of your company at any time. So you also know what your biggest costs are and where possible savings are possible. Ideally you want to make sure that your boekhouder nodig is in the loop about all the financials of your company. Immediately, and not until the accountant has prepared an annual report for the previous year. Especially if you are looking for a boekhouder in Rotterdam or a boekhouder in Den Haag, these prices can vary and it’s a smart move to compare all the costs.

Do you find it difficult to determine whether certain costs within your company are higher than average and can therefore be reduced? You can let an accountant or controller look at your accounting. He knows your industry and operations and can advise you on this.

2. Get advice

Do you know any tax scheme ? Do you know exactly which costs you can deduct and which you can not? Probably not. Unless this is your core business, you cannot deal with subsidies and tax rules all day long. That’s a shame, because you might miss out on all kinds of benefits! Accountants and controllers do have this knowledge. So don’t be too proud and ask for advice. This way you prevent you from forgetting to enter business costs or miss out on a grant . Are you afraid of the costs? Not necessary. You can also subscribe to a professional adviser who can provide you solicited and unsolicited tips. This way you will be assisted at the right times for a fixed amount per month. You can often combine such a subscription with onesubscription to online accounting software . An accountant or controller can then watch live and sound the alarm if something goes wrong.

3. Automation is saving time

Many administrative processes can now be automated. For example, we work with software in which you as an entrepreneur can create sales invoices, which are then booked directly in your administration. In addition, it is also possible to send your purchase invoices digitally to your accounting from now on. This is recognized by the software and immediately processed! Do you still manually enter all bank transactions in your accounting? Do not! There are also handy links for this that will ultimately save you a lot of time!

5 Manage your business based on your figures

By updating your administration in time you have insight into the performance of your company at any time of the day. For example, you could set up the following:
⦁ An up-to-date overview of payments still to be received from your customers.
⦁ The changes in your turnover during the past period
⦁ Does your company have enough money to pay for all costs for the coming period?
⦁ A split of the different types of turnover and the corresponding margin (if you offer two products, for example)

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